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Our Services

  • Can't get to us, we'll collect your bike from home.

    7.50 British pounds
  • We'll check your bike and tell you what service is best for you.

  • Quick health check and minor adjustments

    45 British pounds
  • We'll do everything we can to make your bike ride like new.

    90 British pounds
  • Your bike as good as the day you bought it or better!

    145 British pounds
  • Feeling let down, we'll pump you up and roll you away on two wheels!

    12.50 British pounds
  • We'll get your e-bike or hub gear bike pumped up and puncture free.

    18.50 British pounds
  • Get that wobble out of your wheels.

    Starting from £18.50
  • Wheel have your brakes working hard for you again.

    £25 - £35
  • Chain, gears and mechs sparkling like new.

    45 British pounds
  • Got a new bike and don't know where to start? We'll build it for you!

    50 British pounds

  • 40 British pounds

  • 22.50 British pounds
  • Is your steering smooth? It will be after we service your headset.

    20 British pounds
  • Wheels not spinning so well, let us service the bearings.

    18 British pounds
  • You broke it we'll fix it

    Starting at £15

  • 10 British pounds
  • We find all the problems with your e-bikes

    50 British pounds
  • Need a call out? Let us know what the issue is.

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